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Old Station in 1900
The Old Station Museum and Caboose 
Open June 29 through September 14 
Sundays 2-4 p.m.
The Old Station Museum established in 1967 is located in a building that was the original station on the Erie Railroad in Mahwah. It was rescued from destruction by the Mahwah Historical Society and contains many interesting artifacts given to the museum by collectors of railroad arcana.   It also features a 1929 Erie cupola caboose which has been recently restored. There is a scale model of the Erie system and photos of the early days of railroading in Mahwah and along the rest of the mainline.
In 1848 the Paterson and Ramapo Railroad was built through Mahwah to carry passengers and freight from New York City, via Paterson, to the main line of the Erie Railroad located in Suffern, New York. From there connections could be made to the railroad of upstate New York, Chicago and on to the west.
In 1871 the leaders of Mahwah petitioned the Erie to allow a stop at a new station in Mahwah.
The 1871 station remained in service until 1904 when the Erie expanded to four tracks and raised the roadbed from ground level. The second station remained until 1914 when it was destroyed by fire. The current station was built in 1914 and still serves commuters today.