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cub scouts and railroad

The Mahwah Museum cooperates in many ways with scout leaders to provide interesting opportunities for their scouts.  We will be happy to:

  • Open the Museum and the Donald Cooper Railroad grades 3 and up.  This is done at a charge of $2.50 per person.  We ask that there be at least one adult for every two scouts.  Click here to arrange a reservation or call us at 201.512.0099. 
  • Provide counseling and use of our resources for merit badges.  Click here for more information or call us at 201.512.0099.  
  • Encourage Eagle Scout public service projects.  Click here for more information or call us at 201.512.0099

For those Mahwah and Ramsey scout groups that are below third-grade, we have met with them to tour the Old Station and Caboose, learning about the passenger and freight history of our original 1871 train station. By tailoring the talks to the scouts’ requirements for badges, we have helped them learn about their town’s history; how communication is shared among engineers, conductors, and dispatchers; and how things have changed over the years for the “Then and Now” badge.

We look forward to hosting even more school and scout visits in the future! If you are interested in arranging a visit, meeting to provide counseling on how our resources can be used for merit badges, or are looking for an Eagle Scout public service project, contact us at director@mahwahmuseum.org, or call us at 201.512.0099.


The Mahwah Museum receives operating support fom NJ Historical Commission, Dept of State.